The image at the left shows the result of the search. The system retrieves all  information known about the person.

Note the heading Home, Search, Print, Logout, Bookmark. "Home" takes you back to the Mokotow Home Page; "Search"  takes you back to the search engine to locate another person; "Print" will print the page; "Logout" logs you off the tree.

Note the tabs Individual/Ancestors... etc. "Individual" is highlighted because the system is displaying information about the individual selected. Clicking the "Ancestors" tab, will show all the ancestors of the person. "Descendants" shows all the descendants of the person. "Relationship" can show you the relationship between two persons. "Timeline" is of little value. "Suggest" is a method of e-mailing Gary Mokotoff with changes.

The first section shows birth/death information about the person.

The next section shows the parents of the person. The following section shows the spouse and children of the person. Clicking on the name of any of these individuals will cause the system to display the Individual sheet for that person. Thus you can browse up and down the tree.

The Photos section will display any image that has been associated with the person. Clicking on the description (example, "1930 census") will show the complete image. [Note: In some cases a thumbnail does not appear even though the image is there.] There are about 4,000 documents accumulated about the Mokotow family history. To date, only about 450 have been added to the system.

The "Notes" section may have descriptive information about the person. "Sources" show the sources of information (may be incomplete).